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Leaders from theZhongshanIndustry and Commerce Administration came to SIRUI for Visit

On 3 Sep 2018, the Party Secretary and Director ofIndustry and Commerce Administration of Zhongshan City - MsJiangmei Chen, the Office Director ofIndustry and Commerce Administration of Zhongshan City - Mr. ZhongXu, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Wuguishan Town Office and the Director of Wuguishan Town Office - Mr. Guangjun Lin, the Party Working Committee Member and Deputy Director of Wuguishan Office - Mr. Zhining Deng, the Director of Industry and Commerce Administration of WuguishanTown Branch - Mr. JianhongGao, the Deputy Director - Mr. Ping Liu and other leaders came to SIRUI for visit. SIRUI President - Mr. Jie Li, R&D Director Ms. Min Xu, Director of General Manager Office - Mr. Xingfu Su, and other SIRUI representatives gave a warm reception to the leaders during the visit, and expressed the sincere thanks to the leaders for their care and support to SIRUI’s development.

During this visit, the leaders would like to know the difficultiesthat enterprise needs the government to help to coordinate or solve during their process of development, and help the enterprise to win the development initiative from the competitive market.

In the SIRUI Culture and Products Display Hall, the leaders listened to the introductions and learned the SIRUI Culture, the significant honors awarded and various independent developed products.

In the Intelligent Products Display Area, the Director of SIRUI R&D Department - Ms. Min Xuintroduced the SIRUI new developed intelligent products to the leaders. She presented the convenience and high resolution image of the creative SIRUI Handheld Stabilizer by taking photos and videos with the products. Director Chen was very interested to the SRIUI Handheld Stabilizer, and highly applauded to the product after studying the product in details.

The Director of SIRUI R&D Department - Ms. Min Xu, was introducing the SIRUI Handheld Stabilizer.

In the Optical Display Area, President Li personally introduced the SIRUI Mobile Phone Auxiliary Lenses and the SIRUI Dual Lens Kit special for the mobile phone with dual lens, and demonstrated the products by shooting photos with the SIRUI Lens attached to the mobile phone. After comparison to the photos shoot with and without the SIRUI lenses, the leaders highly applauded to the perfect imaging results of the SIRUI Mobile Phone Auxiliary Lenses. 

President Li was personally introducing and demonstratingthe products

After that, they arrived at the SIRUI traditional photo and video support equipment display area. Mr. Li introduced to Director Chen that SIRUI’s patented tripods had got the Golden Award of Guangdong Patent Award, and the design of the product had got the German Design Winner Award, which made SIRUI in the leading position of the industry. Director Chen highly applauded to this and expected that SIRUI would continue to increase scientific research and innovation for better achievement.

After visiting the showroom, the two parties had a meeting for communication. On the meeting, President Li introduced the operation status, core business, enterprise advantages, future developing focus and other status of SIRUI briefly to the leaders.

After that, the Director of the SIRUI General Manager Office - Mr.Xingfu Su made a report for the business performance and the scientific and technologic achievements of SIRUI, including introducing professional team to enhance the level of scientific management, developing "Internet +", acquisition and reorganization at home and abroad, promoting to upgrade the enterprise management strategy, introducing the financial situation of the enterprises of 2016-2017 and financial forecast of 2018, Introduction of major scientific research achievements in 2017, scientific research prospects of 2018, honors and awards of the enterprise in 2016-2017 and other qualification recognition.

When it comes to the understanding that SIRUI has reached cooperation with South China University of Technology, brought in doctors as the engineers and basically completed the establishment of Guangdong Postdoctoral Innovation and Practice Base, Director Chen highly applauded for that.Meanwhile, Director Chen shared his views and suggestions with his own work experience on the further cooperation of establishing the Postdoctoral Research Stations.

At the end of the visit, SIRUI President Mr. Li expressed his heartfelt thanks to Director Chen and the other leaders again for their coming. Furthermore, Mr. Li expressed that SIRUI would continue to increase the investment in the future development, and constantly improve the enterprise comprehensive strength and cement the position in the industry with thescientific research innovation to provide great contribution to promote regional economic and industry development,and would not disappointed the leaders for their support and expectation.