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Commencement Ceremony of 2017 of SIRUI Optical

'The whole year's harvest depends on a good start in spring'. At 7:45 on February 6, 2017, all staff of SIRUI was gathering in front of the office building while gun salutes were going off everywhere to attend the 2017 commencement ceremony of Guangdong SIRUI Optical Co., Ltd. The heavy salute sound symbolizes the good luck and success of the company in production and operation and expects better performance and greater glories.

At the ceremony, President Li Jie addressed to all staff of Sirui and extended good wishes to all the staff in the New Year.

In the president's speech, he analyzed and detailed the current opportunities and challenges, and gave a full definition of the target and developing blueprint of the company in 2017.

Everything takes on a completely new look with the beginning of another year. 2017 will be a year of difficulties and opportunities. SIRUI people will work harder and harder to pay greater contribution to the company's development and provide good-as-usual products and services of high quality.